USB Type-C 3.1 To Ethernet and USB Hub

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USB Type-C 3.1 To Ethernet and USB Hub

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USB 3.1 Type C USB-C Multiple 3 Ports Hub with Ethernet Network LAN Adapter

For PC Laptop Tablet  Macbook Support Windows 8 MacOS

1. Multiple USB 3.1 interface support plug and play. hot swap, easy to use and carry.

2. Support over current and unstant current protection.

3. USB3.1 to 10/100/1000Mbps gigabit ethernet

4. Driver free, support windows XP, windows 7, 8 and Mac OS,Linux.

5. Type C connector is the new design for USB 3.1 & Macbook & Laptop


Computers limited to 10/100Mbps Ethernet will experience faster transfers when plugged into a Gigabit Ethernet network using this Ethernet adapter.
This Ethernet Adapter supports 10/100/1000Mbps for high-speed connectivity, important for file sharing, downloads, streaming, web videos, and more.
Use this Ethernet adapter to participate on multiple networks, replace damaged Ethernet ports, add a physical network connection to wireless-only systems,
and replace network cards. This Ethernet adapter is not intended for use in connecting USB devices like a printer to a network.

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