Computer 2024 Pin Power Supply Tester With PSU ATX SATA HDD Connectors

Computer 20/24 Pin Power Supply Tester With PSU ATX SATA HDD Connectors (LCD)

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Computer 20/24 Pin Power Supply Tester With PSU ATX SATA HDD Connectors (LCD)

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Audible alert when Danger level is detected
Real time and alarm time
Quick response and resume
Auto power off; Low battery indicator
Easy to use; Simply blow into the vacuum vent and you will get the results in seconds
No need to recalibrate; Reusable many many times.
Clean, your mouth will not need to touch the tester
Digital clock can display real time and temperature; you can also use it to set up alarm and count down timer


Package includes:

1pcs x ATX power tester

The power supply tester is a robust voltage, tester for PC-power supply, ATX . BTX and ITX compliant, power supplies can be tested. LCD’s indicate the status of voltage.
Suitable for the ambitious hobby user, as well as for a quick functional check in specialized trade.
Plug power supply 24 PIN and P4 , P6 or P8 into the corresponding jack of the power test suite.
Power on the supply of power, will hear “DuDu” ring , if no flicker then the power supply output voltage is normal.
If a certain voltage signal was not detected, or the detected voltage value over the normal, will issue a “DuDu” long buzzer ; if the corresponding voltage value or PG flicker too, then the power is failed.

Product type: PC 20/24 Pin ITX ATX BTX LCD Power Supply Tester. Interface Type: 20/24pin (ATX-connector).
Voltage Test: +12V, -12V, +5V, -5V, +3.3V, 5V Stand by (SB), 12V Power Good
Connectors: floppy, HDD, CDROM, SATA, 4pin (P4), 8pin (Dual-CPU), 6pin (PCI-Express)
Material: Plastic & Electronics
Dimension: approx. 96 x 62 x 20mm
Color: Black
Net Weight: 63g

Package includes:
1 x LCD Power Supply Tester

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