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Digital PH Meter

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Digital PH Meter

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PH pen with and without tape Warming Warming, with warming are ATC logo, more accurate detection, error ± 0.1, with no signs warming is no ATC.

Pocket digital pen pH meter, the introduction of advanced technology and imported components, greatly reducing the volume, reduce costs, maintain the original good quality, so that the use of pH meter gained popularity. Pocket Digital PH Meter is a classic brand of pocket digital pH meter, high stability, high reliability, easy to use, inexpensive and popular around the world, the majority of users of all ages.

The main technical indicator:

  • Measuring range :0.00-14 .00 PH
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1PH
  • Resolution: 0.1PH
  • Operating temperature: 0 oC~ 50 oC
  • Battery: 3X1.5V (AG13 button battery type, not including)
  • Dimensions: 142mm (L) × 29mm (W) × 15mm (H)
  • Weight: 51 g


PH meter calibration while increasing standard:

  • 1, the pH electrode into the pH value of 6.86 (25 oCc under standard mixed phosphate buffer solution, and gently shake.
  • 2, with a small screwdriver adjust the calibration potentiometer until the display value and the standard buffer solution at ambient temperature ph values.
  • 3, the electrodes into pH4.00 stupid phosphorus or potassium acid borax pH9.18 standard buffer solution.
  • 4, after about two minutes or so. Shows the pH value of the buffer value is compared to the error should be within the allowable range.



  • In the following cases, PH meter must be recalibrated:
  • After calibration has been used (or place) for a long time;
  • Frequent use of special electrodes;
  • Accuracy requirements are relatively high.

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