Dual Micro SD TF to Memory Stick MS Pro Duo Adapter CR-5400

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Dual Micro SD TF to Memory Stick MS Pro Duo Adapter CR-5400

Out of stock

PhotoFast CR-5400 Adapter

MicroSD MicroSDHC TF Card to MS Pro Duo Dual Slot Adapter

for Sony Cameras, PSP etc

Please note this listing is for the Adapter only. No memory card is included.


– Model: PhotoFast CR-5400

– Converts MicroSD/Transflash SD/SDHC cards into Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo cards

– TF cards fit flush in the convertor adapter

– Supports up to two 16GB SDHC TF cards at the same time (thus 32GB total)

– Fully compatible with Playstation 3 (PS3) and all Playstation Portable models (PSP 1000/2000/3000)

– Easily and cheaply make yourself a 32GB memory stick pro duo card!

Product Description :

1. Holds 2 cards for super large capacity
Get maximum storage capacity with 2 microSDHC or 2 microSD cards. CR-5400 converts 2 microSD(HC) cards into one MS Pro Duo stick. You can get twice the capacity at a lower price.

2. Card types can be mixed

Cards of different capacity and different type can be used concurrently (i.e. microSD+microSDHC).
3. Freedom of expansion and upgrade

The adapter works with only one microSDHC card as well. The second slot can be equipped anytime later. You can exchange the cards and upgrade the max. capacity at will!
4. Super high read/write speeds of 10MB/s and up

CR-5400 is made of high quality components and preserves the original speed of the inserted microsd(HC) cards(when two different types of microSD(HC) cards are used, the slower card sets the speed rate)
Supports 2 microSD/microSDHC cards.
2 microSD(HC) cards of different capacity can be used.
If only 1 microSD(HC) cards is used, it must be inserted into slot#1 in order to work
When using new microSD(HC) cads, you need to format with a SONY product before you can store data.
In order to copy or delete data directly, insert CR-5400 in your card reader. Don’t take out the microSD(HC) cards and perform write operations on the single card. Your data will be corrupt.
Note 1: Data Transfer can only be done with micro SDHC cards inserted in CR-5400. Direct PC to micro SDHC card data transfer and then inserting in CR-5400 won’t work.
Note 2: Re-using your micro SDHC cards for other devices than CR-5400:

Should you experience formatting problems (i.e. only half of the original capacity available), please format concerned micro SDHC card(s) in slot#1 of CR-5400 (slot#2 must be empty). Do this for every affected card. Now you can re-use your micro SDHC card(s) in other devices
Model :
OS :
Windows Vista XP,2000.Me,98SE,Mac OS 9.2,Mac OS X,linux
Support :
MicroSD 256MB – 2GB / MicroSDHC 4GB -16GB
Speed :
Super high read/write speed of 10 MB/s and up
Size :
32mm x 20mm x 1.6mm(L x W x D)
Package :
1 x CR-5400 adapter in plastic case

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