HP 19.5V 3.33A Charger For HP pavillion sleekbook 14 15 ENVY 4 6 Series 65W

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HP 19.5V 3.33A Charger For HP pavillion sleekbook 14 15 ENVY 4 6 Series 65W

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100% Brand New and Original
HP 19.5V 3.33A 65W Power Adapter

• Input voltage:AC 100-240V
• Output: 19.5V 3.33A 65W
* Connector: 4.5mm*3.0mm Blue Tip With Smart Pin

Replace Power adapter Model:
709985-001 / 709985-002709985-003 / 709985-004 / 709986-004 / 710412-001 /
714159-001 / 714657-001 / AD9043-022G2 / HSTNN-DA13 / PA-1650-32HE / PA-1650-34HE

Compatible Models:
Pavilion TouchSmart 11 series
11-e000 11-e004au 11-e005au 11-e009au 11-e012au
11z-e000 11-all models

Pavilion 15 Series:
15-B001TU 15-e003SM 15-e017AU 15-e017ax 15-e017TU 15-e017TX 15-e040sa 15-e057sc 15-e072sa 15-n007sg
15-n013TX 15-N017AX 15-N017TU 15-N017TX 15-n019wm 15-n020tx 15-n029sr 15-N030US 15-n047cl 15-N203TX
15-N208TX 15-n209tx 15-n213eg 15-e010us 15-e020us 15-e028us

Pavilion 17 Series:
17-033NR 17-e000 17-e000eB Envy 15-J017CL 17-e000er 17-e000sb 17-e000sg 17-e111nr 17-e112dx 17-e112nr
17-e113dx 17-e113nr 17-e001sc 17-e001sg 17-e002er 17-e002sc 17-e002sg 17-e002so 17-e002xx 17-e004er
17-e009wm 17-e010us 17-e011nr 15-B123nr Sleekbook 17-e011SO 17-e012nr 17-e012SO 17-e013nr 17-e014nr
17-e015dx 17-e016DX 17-e016SO 17-e016SR 17-e017cl 17-e017dx 17-e018DX 17-e019dx 17-e020dx 17-e020sz
17-e020us 17-e021eM 17-e021nr 17-e024nr 17-e067CL

HP Protect Smart YH3114
HP Spectre Pro 13
HP Split 13 x2 Series
HP Split 13-m001TU x2 E4Y04PA x2 PC
HP Split 13-m002TU E4Y05PA

HP 14-Q series
HP 14-N series
HP 14-K series
HP 15-N series
HP 15-D series
HP 15-G series
HP 15-F series
HP 15-R series
HP 15-E series
HP 15-P series
HP 15-J series
HP 17-E series
HP 17-J series
HP M6-K series

HP Envy 15 15-j 15-e Series

*Please search your model by using Ctrl + F
If your model is not listed, please inquire. We are happy to happy.

Note: Power cord is not included.


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