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JVC Gummy HA-F150 Earphones for iPhone iPod MP3

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JVC Gummy HA-F150 Earphones for iPhone iPod MP3

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The JVC Gumy HA-F150 headphones are lightweight and stylish in design. Consisting of an oval form and soft rubber body, and weighing only 0.1 oz, the JVC headphones are extremely comfortable to wear inside the ear for lengthy periods of time. The bushing is curved for additional ease of wear. These in-ear headphones have a nominal impedance of 16 Ohms and a 108 dB per mW sensitivity, delivering high-quality, distortion-free sound. The JVC Gumy HA-F150 headphones feature a powerful 0.5-inch neodymium driver unit, producing amazing audio feedback without any loss in quality. These olive black JVC headphones are color-coordinated to match the sixth generation iPod Nano. Included with these in-ear headphones is a matching olive black cord. The tangle-resistant cord is 3.3 feet in length, allowing sufficient freedom of movement while in use. A gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug accompanies this model. The JVC headphones have a frequency response of 16 Hz to 20 kHz, producing a wide frequency at all audio levels.



  • Gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug
  • 3.3ft (1.0m) color cord
  • 3 color selections (Black, Red and Purple)
  • Environmentally-friendly package made of 75% recycled plastic from post-consumer waste
  • Powerful sound with 0.53″ (13.5mm) neodymium driver unit
  • Oval form soft rubber body for comfortable fit
  • Full color variations to match iPod


  • Driver Unit 0.53″
  • Magnet type Neodymium
  • Frequency Response 16-20,000Hz
  • Nominal Impedance 16ohms
  • Sensitivity 108dB/1mW
  • Max. Input Capability 200mW (IEC)
  • Cord Length 3.3ft (1.0m)
  • Weight (without cord) 0.17oz (4.7g)
  • Plug iPhone compatible, Gold-plated

Note: please mention at least three color choice. We will try out best to provide you, your desired color.

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