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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – Original

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Band (Continous Heart Rate Sensor, OLED Display, Notifications)

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Original Product

0.42inch OLED display screen with touchpad
Support Heart rate  monitor
Passometer,Fitness Tracker,Sleep Tracker,Message Reminder,Call Reminder
Water resistant (IP67)
20-day standby power
Sleep-cycle smart alarm
With a Dialog II 4.0 bluetooth chip, ADI sensor
Running MIUI Android 4.4 and above versions; For iphone 4s/5/5s/6/plus ios 7.0 and above
Unlock your Mi phone without a password


With OLED Display Touchpad:Xiaomi Mi Band 2 adopts low energy-consuming OLED screen. It shows current time, steps, miles and calorie when touching the round button,its alsp can monitor your heart rate.When you are not convenient to touch operation, please lifting your arm then Mi Band 2 will show current time(only you open the lift wrist bright screen functions in App then you can be used normally). 2.New Meter Step Algorithm:Compared with the Heart Rate Monitor Version-2016 Nwely LED Display Mi Band 2 based on a new hardware platform to upgrade sports pedometer algorithm, effective filtering of high frequency activity in the absence of motion, greatly improving the accuracy of counting steps 3.Precise Heart Rate Monitoring:Monitoring and reminding your heart rate when you are doing sports.The newest Xiaomi Mi Band adds the function of remind of long sitting. It is designed for the over-time employees or the group of people who lack of excises. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 vibrates when you sit too long and reminds you to get up and go out to do sports Specification: Battery: battery capacity:70mAh Standby time:20 days Batteries Type:Lithium polymer Input Current:45 mA (TYP) 65 mA (MAX) Weight:7.0 g The main material:Plastic, aluminum Waterproof level:IP67 Internal configuration: Wristband: Total length:235 mm Adjustable Length:155-210 mm Material:Thermoplastic elastomers, aluminum Bracelet unlock Supported models: Millet 2 / 2S / 2A, millet 3, 4 millet, millet Note, millet 4c, 5 millet, millet 4S, red rice 1S, red rice 2 / 2A / 3, Red Rice Note / Note2 / Note3, millet Max, Bluetooth phone support Android 5.0 or 4.0.


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